How we do it

Our programs lead organizations to create a productive, sustainable and creative culture, environment and community life , where human beings may individually and collectively accomplish their full development and  achieve their purpose and meaning.


In all our programs we maintain the same philosophy and methodology while responding to the different needs and abilities of our clients. We have designed and organized them in the following ways that vary in a) intensity and duration, b) scope and depth of achievement, c) organizational level to whom its dedicated, and d) time capabilities and financial resources of our clients:

  • Basic program.

  • Integral program.

  • Organizational program.

  • Training program.

  • Family support program.

  • Custom program.



Basic program.

It is a brief but powerful intervention dedicated to a team. It is composed of a couple of two-day workshops, plus other elements for support and assurance in consulting and coaching. It takes place in a period of four months. It is an excellent way to try out the impact our services have in a short-term for a smaller investment.





Integral program.

It is a longer and more intense intervention than the basic program. It consists of four workshops and other elements of support and assurance in consulting and coaching, which are imparted throughout a year. It reaches deeper into their topics, benefits and impacts for the team and the organization. It aims to ensure the long-term benefits and impacts and it is the recommended program for the leader team, divisional teams, regional teams, strategic teams, etc..




Organizational program.

It consists of the same benefits achieved with Integral or Basic Programs in other levels of the Organization, Consisting of three workshops , without considering the support in process consulting .





For these three programs the following three phases are carried out in general although in a variety of forms:



➢ Preliminary and design phase.

➢ Program Implementation Phase and Processes.

➢ Assurance phase.


➢ preliminary and design phase:


• In this phase we become familiar with the organization and its needs through interviews, visits, presentations and other methods of exploring the state of things.


•We clarify the Objectives, Scope, Expectations, Commitments, and Program overview by common agreement with the leaders and other key areas of the organization.


• We design adjustments to our base program and its processes to suit the needs the teams, qualities, resources and other specific aspects of the Organization.


• Together we establish the variables and mechanisms for quality assurance in the program.


➢ Program Implementation Phase and Processes:


• Workshops of Vision, Integration, Leadership and Development, Which form the core of the program.


These workshops involve the Leader Team and others that have been strategically selected. Be it functional teams, project the teams, or special tasks such as problem solving, change management the teams, etc..


•The selection of teams that will participate in the program is done in conjunction with the leaders of the Organization,


• These workshops consist of practical exercises for raising the consciousness and attention to the human processes that the teams need to address as well as the conceptual support that is required.


•The number of workshops and teams, as well as their composition will depend on the program they have chosen.



➢ Assurance Phase:


  • It is the series of complementary activities for the workshop sessions with the teams, by which we ensure the achievement of benefits and their long-term extension. These activities are:


  • Accompanying the team’s management.


  • Coaching and support for the Leader Team.


  • Process support consulting.


  • Accompanying the team’s management.


– This consists of the accompaniment from our consultants participating directly in management protocols that the teams already have , such as regular meetings, special meetings, etc..


– This support involves the observation, feedback, support, advice and  complement for the teams, seeking to ensure that which we have discovered, learned and agreed upon in workshops starts taking form in the teams.


–       Our participation is integrated into the management agenda that the teams already have.


  • Coaching and support for the Leader Team.

– Consists of support through individual sessions, one on one, to focus on the personal process of the leader.

– Through our method we provide intuitive coaching to facilitate the role as a team developer, and also in their personal development.


  • Process support consulting.


–       It consists in accompanying processes that will be affected by the progress of the team and the leader and will require support from us.



Training program.

Educational and experiential workshops, designed to share, update, practice and apply knowledge, attitudes, skills and abilities necessary for transformation and organizational healing.


  • The workshops are aimed at developing key people of the organization, who are candidates for positions of leadership and come from different areas, levels and hierarchies in the organization and they do not necessarily form a natural team work.


  • Our workshops are focused on areas of knowledge that support our consulting and coaching practices, the following are our main topics:


–       Consciousness energy: Knowledge, management and ability to recognize and raise individual and collective Human Social Emotional or Consciousness energy EHSe® and apply it with awareness and understanding of the issues that are relevant to the organization.


–       Vision: The ability to discover a self and collective vision and purpose that are clearer, with a higher commitment, shared. Aligning strategies, actions and behaviors to consciousness, vision and challenges. Generating passion and stimulation for the imagination, creativity and inventiveness.


–       Relationships: Resources and capabilities for communication, collaboration, development and empowerment of work teams. Making it easy to achieve integration, empowerment and spirit for the team and its members as well as healthy and constructive work environments and cultures.


–       Leadership: Raising consciousness of the social energy fields and their management from the power and personal impact that it can have on them. Strengthen the capacity to influence, inspire and excite with integrity in the transformation of oneself, the team and the organization. The ability to face the challenges of the context.


–       Transformation: Having more and better resources to receive, accept and integrate complexity and diversity. Abilities to facilitate transitions, change, conflict, transformation and healing, developing and maintaining a learning and continuous evolution dynamic, personally, in the team and in the organization.


–       Assurance: Improve the ability to recognize, sort, align and discipline towards the processes and transformations that are required to ensure that the status and results that are sought. Ensuring the operational objectives of, Growth, Work Culture, Quality of Life (Health and Wellness) and Social Responsibility rooted in their Vision, Mission and Strategy.




Family support program.

It’s similar to our Basic and Comprehensive programs, but designed and dedicated to serving processes which handle the families of the owners or directors of an organization.


  • They are dedicated to the transformation, growth, development and healing of individuals, families and important relationships of our clients entrepreneurs and directors. Looking to use productively, creatively and healthily their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual resources and energy to managing their family and business relationships.



Custom program.

The programs mentioned above can be adapted and combined in creative and flexible ways according to the needs, capacities and resources of our clients.