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Albert Einstein

En March 18, 2014 por Guillermo G. Garza Ph.D

“Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere.

                                        — Albert Einstein.

Review: Power vs Force

En June 19, 2013 por Guillermo G. Garza Ph.D

In a complex world in which every day we face urgent, important and tough decisions, for our organizations, our lives and other peoples lives, having a high perspective, serenity and clarity of mind and peace in the heart become indispensable for management as leaders, coaches and contributors.


In his book “Power vs. Force”, David R. Hawkins displayed for the first time the different levels of human consciousness. Using clear, practical examples and anecdotes he provides an overview of how the consciousness level affects the subjectivity of individuals and groups and thus the way we perceive life and define our reality. In accordance with the uncertainty principle of quantum physics (Heisenberg) we can say that from our level of consciousness we create our reality. The level of consciousness is the cause and external reality is the effect.


Hawkins explains how in his Map of Consciousness ® the attitudes and positions of peace, serenity, clarity and purpose are in the middle and upper levels. This indicates that we should go up on this scale if we want to achieve those states and have them as resources to accordingly create our external reality, which we are responsible for.


Hawkins explains the muscle strength test, a simple but scientific tool for measuring or calibrating the consciousness levels and for detecting the level of integrity of our decisions and many other applications in all areas of life in organizations, businesses and in general.


Initially, only the understanding of this map of consciousness and the dynamics of subjectivity and reality creation raise the reader’s consciousness levels affecting for better on his vision, perception, decision making and creating your reality.


A highly recommended read for leaders and anyone interested in social and human behavior, as well as in the development of people and organizations.


Power vs Force
Autor: David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
ISBN: 0964326116