New Science

New approaches, advanced discoveries and continued growth of knowledge through science, amazingly expand the boundaries of our vision, giving us a more spacious systemic and holistic thought, and powerful new perspectives on life.

Nurturing our understanding of the phenomena of nature, humanity and our society, as well as the relation with the universe and with the totality. these new approaches have proven to be of great practical use in areas relevant to our lives in society, such as the understanding and healthy and creative management of change, chaos, complexity, diversity, conflict and complex transitions which we live.

Equally important is its application in the intrapersonal area to validate concepts such as intuitive thinking, the power of mind over body and matter, the existence of fields and subtle bodies, energy management and its applications in health, creativity, communication, relationships, leadership, etc..

In Poesis we derive knowledge and applications from fields as diverse as physics and Quantum Mechanics, Biology, Medicine and Neuroscience: Neurophysiology, Neuropsychology, Integrative Medicine (East – West), Medicine, Energetic and Vibrational, Psycho-Neuro-emotional-Immunology, genetics, epigenetics, etc.., Psychology and Consciousness sciences: Comparative Psychology, sacred psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis Therapy, etc..; Other Social sciences: Comparative Anthropology , Systemic Thinking, social Communication, Sociology, social Psychology, Development and social and Organizational Transformation, among others.

The following are some of the people that have inspired us in these topics: Gregory Bateson, David Bohm, John Briggs, FritjofCapra, Peter Drucker, Albert Einstein, Milton Erickson, MarylynFerguson, Norman Friedman, Hazel Henderson, Stephen Hawking, Thomas S. Kuhn, David Peat, IlyaPrigogine, Peter Russel, Carl Sagan, Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Talbot, AlvinToffler, Lwdwig Von Bertalanfy, Margaret Wheatley, Ken Wilber, Fred Allan Wolf, Gary Zukav, etc.