Consciousness Energy

The energy level in people and organizations is the result of an internal state that affects the central, fundamental and definitive subjectivity of individuals and all types of relationships. Human Social Emotional Energy creates a field that magnetizes and manifests the belief system, thoughts, paradigms, attitudes, feelings, emotions and even the complete biology and complete physiology (neurology, autoimmune, genetic, etc.).

This field affects in an essential way in every Subjective Process, including Perception positions (point of view, feelings, intuitions, judgments, etc.), Interpretations of Reality and the establishment and unconditional acceptance of myth or own life governing Vision (First Care), affecting relationships, interactions, phenomena, events and ideas of all kinds and in all areas

It also provides the platform (biological, neurophysiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual energy, both individually and collectively) for decision-making, levels of commitment, implementation of actions and other behaviors

It is from the level of this energy that we create all life experiences that determine the current reality in all its manifestations. At Poesis we focus on knowledge management, release and elevation of these levels of Energy and its transforming power individually and collectively.

In this subject we have been inspired by: David R. Hawkins, Lester Levenson, Lynne McTaggart, David Bohm, Barbara Ann Brennan, John Briggs, Fritjof Capra,  Albert Einstein, Gerber, David Peat, Eric Pearl, Ilya Prigogine, Peter Russel,  Rupert Sheldrake, Michael Talbot, Ken Wilber, Fred Allan Wolf, Gary E. Schwartz, Gary Zukav, etc.