Expressive Arts and Play.

Through free play and expressive arts our original Self is present spontaneously with all its liberating, creative and healing capabilities. Therefore, these elements form an inseparable part of the processes that we facilitate at Poesis ® Consultants for integration, transformation and development of the individual and collective consciousness.

Creative and free play forms, particularly the sandbox (sandplay: sand games with miniatures), as well as music, dance and movement, poetry, narrative, drawing, painting, drama, construction of masks, ceramics, crafts, are fundamental practices in our work vision, transformation, integration and healing.

In this field we have been inspired and guided by very valuable, loved and respected characters like: Gisella Schubach de Domenico, Margaret Lowenfeld, Dora Kalf, Jane Goldberg, Mo Maxfield, Rollo May, Gibran Jalil, Antonio Machado, Joan Manuel Serrat, Walt Whitman, Jaime Sabines and Federico García Lorca.