Humans are Nature, and deep contact with it is vital for our development, transformation, integration and healing. Every time we give ourselves the opportunity to reconnect with our natural origin, getting closer to nature with confidence, opening to her, her heartbeat and breathing rate, we approach the experience of being profoundly transformed.

Conscious contact with nature restores us to our instinct, healing us and opening us to a wider, more expanded and serene view of life.

In Poesis ® Consultants consider nature a valuable ally in the development of processes that we provide. Therefore, whenever possible, we integrate it into our work and we keep it present as a co-facilitator.

In this subject we have been inspired by the likes of William Anderson, Anciceto Arriaga, Angeles Arrien, San Francisco de Asís, Gregory Bateson, Thomas Berry, Jefe Dan, Archie Fire Lame Deer, Marsilio Ficino, James Hillman, Dalai Lama, Jerry Mander, Thomas Merton, Thomas Moore, Alce Negro, John Perkins, Carl Sagan, Jefe Seattle, Rupert Sheldrake, Gisella Schubach de Domenico,  Antonio Velasco Piña, Arthur Versluis, Walt Whitman as well as the sacred texts of ancient spiritual traditions of the world.