Perennial knowledge

All spiritual traditions of the people, from the oldest to the most refined and evolved cultures and religions of the world, recognize the universal, transcendent and immemorial existence of certain concepts or truths intransmutable through time, to which philosophers, poets and mystics have called since ancient times wisdom or Perennial Philosophy.

It is the knowledge of higher-level reality, consubstantial with the human soul, to all things, minds and lives on the planet. They are universally applicable laws of life and, in the case of humans, is independent of their origin, race, culture, time and situation.

It is a Psychology in which the vision of the human soul recognizes and includes traits of divinity, an Ethic that places the knowledge of the immanent and transcendent being as man’s purpose, and that includes respect for nature and all forms of life, Earth and places of high power or meaning.

It is a psychology, mythology and deep symbolism that make life sacred and have ancient and effective process applications which are visionary, of leadership, change management, relationships, conflict, health and individual and collective transformation.

Perennial Wisdom is an inalienable human right, which gives back to every man and woman their own creative evolutionary, creative and transforming power and responsibility, as well as their integrity with the universe and their right to happiness, well-being, peace, harmony and achieving their purpose on Earth. In Poesis ® Consultants recognize and honor the Perennial Wisdom as the root of our life, we consider it an essential element in our work in which we facilitate processes that enable our clients to live experiences of direct contact with it.

Coupled with our experience as well as that which comes from working with dozens of organizations, hundreds of groups and thousands of people, the following personalities have been a source of inspiration for us on this issue:

Angeles Arrien, Fernando Benítez, Joseph Campbell, Carlos Castaneda, Jefe Dan, Mircea Eliade, Marsilio Ficino, Mathew Fox, James G. Frazer, Michael J. Harner, Aldous Huxley, Dalai Lama, Robert Lawlor, José León Portilla, Claude Levi Strauss, Jerry Mander, Thomas Merton, Alce Negro, Osho, Jefe Seattle, Eduardo Schure, Houston Smith, Gutierre Tibón, Lao Tse, Antonio Velasco Piña, John Perkins, as well as the sacred texts of ancient spiritual traditions of the world.