Body Consciousness

The human body is a microcosm, a hologram of the physical universe, it is a larger the container of imaginable diversity and complexity and also possesses all the information necessary for its evolution or autopoesis as well as the ability to stay in organic or cosmic state or Just as the physical universe it is indivisible from the subtle universe (which Albert Einstein called quantum field) and together they form a coherent whole, which is the instrument of universal consciousness, the human being requires the physical body to be  unified with the subtle body, integrated in its entirety – body, emotions, mind, spirit and soul – to regain the consciousness as individuals and as species.

According to many cultures on earth, soul fragmentation is considered the mother of all diseases – mental, emotional and physical – For them, the recovery of fragmented and scattered parts is the only path to healing because this can only happen by bringing the body back to the unit . As individuals we cannot access full consciousness until our body, mind, soul and spirit regain its unity and integrity. As a species, only when we recognize ourselves as members of one and the same organism, despite the apparent fragmentation (caused by the diversity of races, cultures, religions and ideologies, etc.) that is how we can regain our full consciousness.

Whenever we become one with our body, or we unify the fragments of our being  through it , we become aware and the universe recognizes and expands itself. On the way to a full individual and species consciousness , the inclusion of the body is paramount. Our bodies are the instrument, most wonderful perceptive and intuitive apparatus of creation. Any effort toward a comprehensive health, development and expansion of universal consciousness, is incomplete without the human body in it. It is partnering with our body, consciously integrating our processes, that enables us to transform our relationship with the earth and the universe.

With over thirty years of experience in martial arts such as Aikido and TakeMusuAiki, shamanic arts from different traditions on Earth, as well as approaches and practices for developing body consciousness, at Poesis ® Consultants we constantly work with the body for the development and management of energy and integration of consciousness.

In this field we have been initiated, guided and inspired by teachers like Aniceto Arriaga, MoriheiUeshiba, YutakaKurita, T. K. Chiba, CorylCrane, Carlos Castaneda,  Ken Dychtwald, Juan el Loco, M. Feldenkrais, Ron Kurtz, W. BroughJoy, Alexander Lowen, ArnoldMindel, Michael Murphy, Osho, John C. Pierrakos, John Perkins,  Ernest Lawrence Rossi, Gabrielle Roth, among others.