Work Method

Truth is within us; not emerging from external things, as it is believed, but in an inner center, in each and every one of us, where it dwells in abundance.

Our method:

Our method is based on Integrative Process Oriented Psychology, which gives unity and coherence to diverse visions, roots and disciplines together with our experience of over twenty years.

Organically integrating processes and original and highly effective practices to build the bridges and networks necessary for integration, transformation, healing and achievement of the objectives of social systems.


Our interventions:

Throughout our interventions we facilitate experiences that are a combination of process consulting, working with groups, education and coaching, emphasizing the following:

1. Conversation Circles (Open Space Technology to facilitate transformative dialogue in groups of all types, sizes and shapes).

2. Meditation, Contemplation, and Mindfullness Disciplined Imagination (ancestral and modern technology to facilitate attention, concentration, neutral observation of the positions of perception, and elevation of human energy and its applications).


3. Consciousness or Human Social Emotional energy (EHSe ®): Methodology for the identification, handling, lifting and approach of the energy levels, individually and collectively, and their application in all types of needs: integration, leadership, resource coordination, creativity, health, change management, etc.


4. Alternatives Intelligences, Visionary capabilities, Sensitivity and Consciousness: Capabilities such as intuition (5 S `s), archetypical and symbolic mythical thought (Vision, creating and transforming the story) multiple intelligences, Neutral Observer (alternative positions of perception, etc.).


5. Subjective Processes and reality creation: Consciousness, Identifying and attending individual and collective subjective processes to enhance its positive impact on the creation of reality.


6. Expressive arts, play, ceremony and ritual: Practices for vision, integration, leadership (cohesion, collaboration, alignment, integrity, consistency, collaborative work, transformation, healing, etc.


7. Workshops in Nature. Experiences in natural places, places of power (archaeological, magic, traditional)


8. Development of body-mind-movement-space consciousness. Using the natural wisdom of the body as a means to raise levels of Consciousness and learn naturally.


9. Support and integration in practice to ensure the results: for the alignment of the new vision, achievements, commitments and tasks set in our processes with the immediate and practical life of our clients to ensure the benefit.


10. Conceptual and theoretical support for the experience. Scientific, theoretical, traditional and ancestral knowledge bases that support our practices and promote continuous development autonomously and independently.



Our Roots:

Our method feeds on deep roots and rich sources of knowledge and human experience. Forming an Integrative and Non Dual Process oriented psychology, with original and impactful tools and applications for human and organizational transformation and healing.

New Science

We derive knowledge and applications in fields as diverse as Physics, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Anthropology, Communication, Sociology, Development and Organizational Transformation, Business Administration, among others.

Perennial knowledge

We incorporate a deep understanding, philosophy, psychology, mythology, symbolism and practices which make life sacred and have a very effective applications in the transformation and healing processes of Organizations.

Consciousness Energy

The energy level of people and organizations creates a field that influences all individual and collective subjective processes, from which we create all the life experiences that determine that which we call reality.

Body Consciousness

The human body is a wonderful, perceptive and intuitive instrument of creation. For a full awareness it is essential that the body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit regain their unity and integrity. To stop being fragmented individually and collectively is the way.


Human beings are nature and making deep contact with it is vitally important for our development, transformation, integration and healing. For Poesis she is a key ally which we include as co-facilitator for our guided processes.

Expressive Arts and Play.

free play and expressive arts allow our original self to be present spontaneously and with all its liberating, creative and healing capabilities. They are an inseparable part of our vision, transformation, integration, healing and consciousness processes.

Process Oriented and Integrative Psychology

It is the science and art that builds conceptual and practical bridges between New Science, Perennial Wisdom and other multiple visions and varied backgrounds, creating the possibility of experiences for integration, transformation and healing in the life of organizations, groups, families and individuals.