Name and Logo

Of Latin Greek root, poesis means moving from Kaos to Kosmos. Poiesis is to compose and create harmony, make and keep up, establish order and peace from confusion and chaos.


In ancient Greece the word Poesis noted all creative and transformation processes to higher states of harmony, beauty, health, pleasure and organicity, whether this is carried through poetry, music, dance, drama, painting, architecture or any other way.

Maturana and Varela, biologist and linguist respectively, discovered that all living organisms possess an intrinsic mechanism or aspiration to be better at all times. A kind of implicit biological aspiration toward finding the healthiest and most harmonious states, in cooperation with its context.

This process of self-management toward higher states of order, health, adaptation and resilience to changes in context, Maturana and Varela called this Autopoesis.

All this has also served as inspiration for our name because our processes aim to help organizations discover and exploit this implicit, natural process towards a higher state.


The poet is like an antenna of eternity
Which captures signals for others imperceptible.
They, as the madman, have a message from beyond life.
                                                Leopoldo Salazar Viniegra


Our Logo.


•It contains elements of ancient designs from different cultures such as the Greek, Roman Aztec Mayan and Celtic among others.


•It also includes elements of Christian, Jewish and Mesoamerican spiritual traditions and other ancestral wisdom like the Australian Aborigines, the Hopi and others from northern Mexico.


•It speaks of who and what Poesis is, since it represents values ​​and beliefs about our work and capabilities, as well as the processes that we provide to our clients.


•We help organizations, groups and individuals to explore their own inner labyrinths, for which we must be able to honor our own inner labyrinths.


•The figure in the center of the logo with eight different tips is the starting point for the creation of the complete symbol, thus the process of creating our reality comes from our own center inside.


The Circle in Our Logo:


• The circle is the oldest known organizational structure, it has been used since ancient times for celebration, exploration, storytelling, education, sharing vision, dreams, wisdom and agreements.


• It is the symbol of the universal myth of the the origin, the path of the hero and warrior The descent into the underworld in search of integrity, what is valuable and true.


• It represents the psychological process of individuation of the person, the cycles of human evolution and return to unity, non-duality and the end of the divisions and polarities


• Universally the magician, shaman, sorcerer or psychopomp (guide of souls) is who accompanies the warrior that decides to walk his path


• Its geometric center of gravity allows mobility and balance


• It is associated with the number one, unity, wholeness, completeness


The Equidistant cross in our logo


  • Universally its the sign of addition and is associated with love in its various and multiple forms of recognition, gratitude, forgiveness and help.


• It is the symbol of the universal myth of the _ shared journeys, and the need to work collaboratively as a team


• It indicates the importance of relationships, trust and collaboration. Points out important and necessary qualities in organizations, such as openness, transparency, respect, communication, teamwork, fraternity, community, etc.


• It is the number two, the basis for creativity, because it takes two to create three.


The Triangle in our logo


  • The upward and downward triangles represent the two hands of Creation. Joining the upward force with the downward force, dynamic energy with the magnetic, aspiration with inspiration.


  • The triangle is the structure of the pyramids and the sacred mountains and is associated with the myth of the rise in search of vision, revelation, purpose, direction, meaning, focus and Illumination.

 Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 3.34.48 PM

  • It represents the work with the power of dreams as a source of inspiration and creation. The search of creative fire, a child’s imagination, the spirit and the most elevated, for the construction or realization of the vision and making dreams come true. The concentration of ordinary light through the lens of the prism to create the the laser beam.


  • Number three, creativity, energy




The square in our logo


Universally associated with the structure, rules and boundaries that give order, discipline and support. It is the method, the process and procedures to ensure the road.


It represents the base and foundations for building of a structure to consolidate vision.


It is the home, the habitat, which provides security, stability and solidity.


The number four is construction.



The Spiral in our logo

espiral c

Universally associated with the processes of transformation, change, evolution, expansion and growth.


It is the maze, representing the path of consciousness towards the center, which is the process that we support with our work, containing our client’s consciousness processes.


It involves the myth of seeking and finding the new order from uncertainty, crisis and chaos.


The archetype of death to the old and birth to the new which requires the practice of trust and detachment. It is associated with the legendary path of the wise teacher.


The number five is flowing to change.