Mission and Goal

“If you do not express your own original ideas,

if you do not listen to your own being,

you will have betrayed yourself.”

R. May


In Poesis Consultants we’ve decided to accept the responsibility and privilege of participating in a proactive, creative and transformative way in the current transition that humanity is going trough and impacts all types of social organizations. Therefore we have proposed the following Mission and Goal.





“Supporting organizations and their high impact teams

to raise their Consciousness energy levels

and their transformation capabilities. “

“Through consulting and education services

with highly specialized collaborators. “

“Contributing to the development of a

healthier humanity which is more benign, beautiful and sustainable. “

Attending those organizations, groups, families, communities and individuals who have assumed responsibility for the challenges that their own transitions and transformation needs bring.


We help them broaden, deepen and extend their capabilities of perception, vision and leadership, as well as to raise their consciousness for achieving greater value for society and for themselves, their collaborators and their families. We also help in the achievement a culture of work and life with more naturalness, creativity, spontaneity, fulfillment, happiness, prosperity and grace.





“To be a highly valued and appreciated option for our clients for support in managing their transitions, as well as in development, transformation and relationship healing. “