Our Clients

Organisms are not victims of the atmosphere, they create it…
When living things come together, they form systems
Which create more possibilities and more freedom.
That is the reason why life organizes,
so life looks for systems, in order to flourish. “
                                                      M. Wheatley, M. Kellner-Rogers



Who are our clients:

Our clients are business, government, education, service organizations of various sizes, nationalities and walks of organizational structures, which have decided to assume responsibility for the challenges that their transition and transformation needs bring.

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What our clients say:

” Within you lives,
within you is painting,
inventing, the life Giver… “
                                                 A tribuite to Nezahualcoyotl.


“For over ten years Poesis has been our partner in the transformation of our culture and the creation of bonds of trust, communication and fellowship needed for it.  With their support we have developed the capabilities to make important stops on the way, reflect, learn, grow from our experiences and create consciousness about ourselves. ”

-Eduardo Padilla Silva

Femsa Comercio CEO




“For over fifteen years I have found Poesis to be a “partner” that i can trust to support the processes of transformation and personal evolution and organizations in my charge. They have led us to trust and be willing to innovate and try new ways with a common purpose, to be better and achieve a higher level of individual and collective wellness.”


“We have been guided to express what by conventional means we could not have done, to recognize ourselves as integral beings and for our spiritual and emotional side to be a solid resource to face the ongoing process of change in which we are immersed, as well as the rate of our demands and challenges.”

“Thanks to their unconventional techniques and processes, in individual sessions, teams and even hundreds of people, we managed to find out where we stand today, where we want to go, which are the obstacles that inhibit our development and which are our fundamental resource as people.”

-Jorge Luis Ramos

Former CEO of Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma

Current Advising Vice President at Heineken Americas.

Counselor for many business,

education and civil society organizations.





“It is not uncommon that the dynamics that surround us every day keep us from listening and  aligning with our personal and intimate wisdom, making it difficult for us to clearly see our situation, scenarios that life presents us in all aspects, and even our own potential. ”


“This is precisely the field of action in which Poesis spetializes , whose expertise and professionalism, through simple, yet very well designed activities and exercises, guided us to a kind of extremely revealing and valuable insight that helped us restore these connections that could have been obsolete … thus helping to liberate and leverage our capabilities in ways that we did not even consider before. ”


“Through their processes, Poesis enables us to feel, visualize and guide a transformative energy that previously we could not handle and take it for the sake of our personal development, family and of the organization.”

Jorge Lozano Morales

Former Prolec CEO

Current advisor to multiple

business, education and civil society organizations





With processes used by Poesis, we had the opportunity to open our inner knowledge, making it easier to understand our strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this we have energized the team towards the achievment of a common and higher benefit .

The agreements about our vision of the business are now made faster, we have clearer and more open dialogues, and a more objective communication .

Now we make decisions in less time and with greater confidence, resulting in that as a company we have advanced in our achievements and our internationalization.

Abel Coello

CEO at Heineken OpCo Packaging




“On many occasions, for more than 10 years, I have had the privilege to see the benefits of  the “Poesis Experience ” in work teams. Through an intensive process of one or two days, with creative and unique tools, work teams substantially advance their integration, agreeing on a group vision and aligning their efforts for the common benefit.”
Juan Teofilo Garza. CEO Zano® , a Proeza brand



What our clients are looking for:


The following list generally describes various situations in which we have worked with our clients, organizations, teams and collaborators. If you answer yes to any of the following statements you can be sure that our services will be of great benefit to your organization.



-When the Organization and their teams require clear vision and shared purpose. Aligned with the thought and action, strategy and structure.

-When leadership must be strengthened and renew the inspiration, passion and enthusiasm.

-When vision, creativity, transformation and healing capabilities are needed.

-For making decisions, solving problems, generating alternatives, new processes, services and products.




-When It’s required to give a positive spin on business indicators: sales, profitability, operational and financial productivity, growth, competitiveness and value creation.

-There is a need for creativity and innovation in products, services and processes.

-It is required to have more flexibility and responsiveness to context.



Organizational Culture:

-When it is necessary to transform the culture of the organization for one of trust, fraternity, cooperation, learning and development, responsibility, commitment, discipline, adherence to values ​​and processes.

-Cultural changes are required due to the transitions and challenges of the context, such as mergers, acquisitions, contractions, organizational restructuring, etc…

-They live cultural transitions, business, etc… Such as initiations, partnerships, integrations, terminations and celebrations, and we need to manage change, diversity, complexity, chaos and multiculturalism

-There is a need for conflict mediation and resolution, and the containment of dilemmas and paradoxes.



Social Responsibility:

-You seek a greater value for society, the organization, its members and their families.

-It is necessary to develop a greater awareness, sensitivity and commitment to the greater good. Being a good citizen and a good neighbor.



Through people:

-The organizational transformation requires the involvement of talent, heart, imagination and action of the people.

-Communication, trust and a fraternity are required to accelerate change.

-Skills and resources are required for leadership, resilience, collaboration and teamwork.

-When It is necessary to integrate and develop working groups: formal, projects, improvement, etc…

It is recognized that the greatest value of people is when they are considered integral beings: Be, think, feel, act, create, have (spirit, mind, body, action).

It is recognized that people are happy and committed to achieving the highest possible result for an organization.