About Us

Mission and Goal

Supporting the organizations in an original, effective and differentiated way towards the management of change, development, and transformation.


The People without vision perish. And it is only with the eyes of the heart that we can see that which has real meaning and significance.


The core values and a clear purpose are some of the most powerful resources in the midst of difficulties, uncertainty and complexity.

Our Clients

For over 20 years we have worked to support transformationand development processes for business, education, government and health organizations.

About the Founder

We have a rich diversity of experiences, studies and skills as well as a high specialization and great identification with our mission.

Work Method

We base our method in the most advanced discoveries of science and the most valuable and proven knowledge of perennial wisdom.

Name and Logo

Poesis is moving from chaos to order. Every organism has the implicit ability move to a higher order, health and adaptation. This is Autopoesis.


We walk on the shoulders of giants, so we honor our teachers and those who have inspired us and have illuminated and guided our path.